Becaz is the first online education platform where 100% of the payment received from learners can be transferred to a tutor.


You have access to various online video courses published by creative and skilled teachers.

  • Top educators in one place

    We focus on gathering top educators of the e-learning market on Becaz platform. Learn from the top experts of a field!

  • Long-term access

    Each course is unique, and we provide the opportunity for Tutors to choose the accessibility period for each course specifically. Courses can be offered with periods of 1-month access to lifetime access.

  • No bank account is required to purchase the courses

    Users of Becaz ecosystem do not need a bank account and can pay in Becaz coins without holding any bank account, simply through the blockchain infrastructure.

  • High-quality courses

    Our educators offer high-quality video courses including some quizzes, worksheets and extra resources to give you the best knowledge about the skill or subject.

Become a tutor

Get paid for sharing your skill on Becaz. There are various of creative fields. Start teaching today.

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