Teach and convert your time to money

Becaz learning is the first peer-to-peer online education platform where 100% of paid money can be transferred to the teacher.

What is Becaz Learning?

What Makes Us Special

  • Time As Money

    Content creators / tutors can buy courses from each other by using their time as a payment tool and can convert their time to becaz coins.

  • Peer–to–peer

    Eliminates the middleman and provides a peer–to–peer learning, which means 100% of the money the student pays for the course is paid to the tutor.

  • Less Is More

    Students have the opportunity to get more information in a maximum 15 minutes of video course. It is less costly and less time-wasting process.

  • Earning By Learning

    After the student purchases the course, he/she takes the exam of the course, and he/she earns money by learning in case of succeeding.

  • No Banks Required

    No banks or bank accounts are required to sell or buy the course. Anyone with an internet access can benefit from the Becaz learning platform.

  • Donation

    Donate your earned time or becaz coin to the people around the world who can gain benefits from the courses.

Are you good at any subject?

Why not to join our tutor program? Like the other tutors who work with us, you can create your maximum 15–minute of courses. Upload to our platform, and start earning money.

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