Follow the tutorial and start to create your course

You are just a few steps away to reach your audience by creating your instructive course. Prepare your course materials, follow the instructions, and meet video and audio requirements.


  • Start to create – read instructions and requirements
  • Click the landing page
    – select course video (should not exceed 15 minutes)
    – enter the title of your course
    – describe your course
    – select category, subcategory, and language
    – enter tags
  • Click the pricing – set your price
  • Click continue – create and wait
  • Check created content – add introductory video – add thumbnail
  • Create quiz
  • Double-check your title and content
  • Submit for review
  • Wait for confirmation
  • Start to earn money

Requirements for video

  • Video course should not exceed 15 minutes
  • The video quality needs to be at least 720p
  • Recommended video aspect ratio is 16:9
  • Use lights for your scene and your face
  • Stay away from shaky and blurry video

Requirements for Audio

  • Audio must be synced to your video
  • Audio must be free of distortion and background noise
  • Use microphones for the best audio quality


Drag and drop video here
or just click for browse files

* video must not exceed 2GB and 15 minutes
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