Frequently Asked Questions

If you transfer all paid money to the teacher, what will be your benefit?

Becaz learning has its own cryptocurrency for payment that is why we do not take any commission, if students use becaz coins to buy courses, 100% paid money transferred to a teacher.

Where can I get time to buy others’ courses?

You must create your own qualified educational content. As soon as other content creators start watching your course, your time balance will be increased. So you must use your time as a payment tool to buy others’ courses.

How can I convert my time to money?

Proof of time concept helps you to convert your time into money.

What is becaz coin and why should I use it?

Becaz coin is a cryptocurrency which is related to time and uses the time as a payment and investment asset. Becaz coin has number of advantages: people who use becaz coin can benefit from special discounts, gifts, and extra convenience in platform. Becaz coin is peer–to–peer; It cannot be frozen, it has no borders and is a solution for unbanked communities.

Where can I get becaz coin?

To get Becaz coins you should visit and buy from there. Also, you should create an inspiring course to mine becaz coins by knowledge, or buy the course, solve questions and earn becaz coins.

Why do you choose course duration for a maximum of 15 minutes?

According to many studies students’ attention will decrease after 15 minutes. Short, get to point courses are designed to meet a specific learning outcome. It is the learner-centric. It can be easily accessed, quickly complete, and practically applicable by the learners. This is both less costly and less time-wasting process.

How can I make my course that should be exceed 15 minutes?

As we mentioned before single video course should not be exceed 15 minutes. On the other hand you should upload your courses one by one.

After I Submit my course for review, How long does it take to receive confirmation?

In 2 working days, your course will be published and you will be notified.

Do you have any language or country restrictions to create content?

We are borderless that is why we have no country restrictions. On the other hand at the beginning we can confirm only three languages English, Russian and Turkish.

As a teacher, I have no bank account from where I live so, how can I withdraw my money, after my sale?

You can withdraw your bitcoins, ethers and becaz coins from your accounts to your wallet.

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