What is becaz coin?

Becaz is a cryptocurrency which is related to time with blockchain infrastructure. Becaz uses the time as payment and investment asset. We developed a proof of time concept to convert time to money. Using this concept with Becaz, people can earn a fair amount of money based on their success and skills over a certain period of time. We believe that Becaz is about to reduce the unequal distribution of income among the people who do the same job. Moreover, it tackles to decrease brain drain, poverty, and ignorance. Thus, we created a peer-to-peer online learning platform which is becaz.com, with this platform, becaz coins will be mined by knowledge and distributed to all skilled people. Becaz is about to prove how proof of time concept works and distributes most of becaz coins by using this concept among people, based on their knowledge and skills. Thus becaz is not an Initial Coin Offering( ICO). After having mined on the platform, becaz coins can be sold and bought on crypto exchange platforms, can be exchanged with other currencies, goods can be purchased, can be paid to employees as a salary and can be a way of investment. For more information visit becaz.org

Note: Only limited amount of becaz coins are available for investment.
(100 mln out of 451 mln becaz coins are aimed for investment and 351 mln becaz coins will be mined by knowledge on Becaz Learning platform)